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Strada means “street” in Italian. Streets matter to us. They’re the fundamental infrastructure of our cities and the core of our civic lives. They’re the connections between buildings, people, and public spaces. This is why we’re so inspired by them and it’s a shared commitment to these values that brought our principals together. Just as people mingle on city streets, our office is a place where we freely exchange ideas, challenging and inspiring one another to create exceptional work.

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For our team, successes are sweet, but the anticipation of the next challenge is what drives us the most.




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Places Revisited

10.2014Ideas, Places
By Amanda Miller

I recently returned to my alma mater on what could be described as a yearly pilgrimage to the autumnal season-defining sport of gridiron and leatherheads. While football games are the unabashed impetus to a gathering of friends for the weekend, returning year after year provides a unique perspective on place over time. Increasingly I realize that this is a living place, changing in its meaning to me.

The classic collegiate quadrangle fronting the School of Architecture

The classic collegiate quadrangle fronting the School of Architecture.

Over the course of five years I became an insider. “Welcome Home” was no longer an expression of splashy marketing on an admissions brochure. This was Home. Place as Home.  To dwell and live in this place meant an intrinsic connection. I had my own predilection towards a quiet courtyard formed by the collision of the Basilica, Presbytery, Administration Building, and my own bias against the cracked concrete court between dormitories, affectionately dubbed “Mod Quad.” I would also guess that few visitors intentionally walk these pathways. As a matter of fact, since graduation, I haven’t either; which brings me to my realization that I stand now as an outsider in a place that I knew and know so well.

One place that celebrates all facets of the University

One place that celebrates all facets of the University.

Places change over time; buildings come and go. People change. From my perspective as a returning alumna, I appreciate the adaptability of place. In particular, I celebrate how this place met my needs when a student, continues to provide meaning to fellow alumni and myself and functions as a repository of memory, a stimulus to community and always a welcome home. As designers, we create places for many people by studying the needs of the community. After revisiting a place I know well, I see a small example of both the effect of memory, identity and time on the meaning of place.

Image 4_575

I challenge you to return to a place that you know well and maybe have not visited recently. How has it changed? How have you changed? And what does this place mean to you?

Amanda Miller is an alumna of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture. A traditional and classical designer by training, she enjoys working on Strada’s diverse projects and helping anyone brush up on classical vocabulary. Comfortable with hand techniques as well as a promoter of BIM, you can find her with both drafting board and ArchiCAD digital model in hand.

Office Culture

By Lawrence J. Fabbroni, AIA

For our team, successes are sweet, but the anticipation of the next challenge is what drives us the most.

Strada Welcomes Terrie Brightman, Landscape Architect

06.2018Firm news, People
By Street Talk Editor

“Terrie brings exceptional landscape design and delivery to Strada’s team of professionals,” said Alan Cuteri, Founding Principal and Higher Education Principal. “The talent and experience that she brings will be a huge asset to our clients.”